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It’s time for the most intense nights of Perseid meteor shower (August 10–13; Tuesday night with as many as 100 ‘shooting stars’ per hour), here are some tips:
Give your eyes 20 minutes to adjust to the dark. Avoid looking at the moon, your phone or any device that shows light – any exposure to bright lights will instantly ruin your eye’s acclimatization to the dark
If possible go outside the city, or search for good local stargazing places
For the best chances of spotting a shooting star, scan the whole sky repeatedly
Be prepared to spend a few hours sitting outside. Meteor showers can be seen as soon as it gets dark, but better viewing begins about 11 pm
If you have binoculars or a telescope, take them with you. While you’re there, you can also look for constellations, stars, and planets
(Gif: Exploding Perseid Meteor filmed by Devyn Morris)
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Watch the Enchanting Trailer for ‘Indigo,’ Based on Native Stories
The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has announced its slate of films for the 2014 fest (taking place September 4-14, 2014), and as always thre is a strong contingent of First Nations and Indigenous cinema. One that caught our eye is the stop-motion animated short “Indigo,” directed by Cree/Metis filmmaker Amanda Strong.
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