Why I like being a lesbian.



  • Girls are so fucking sexy.
  • You can’t get pregnant even if you forget to take your pill.
  • If you want penetrative sex, you can still get it, but with a really awesome purple penis.
  • Boobs go ‘badoing’ and can amuse me for hours.
  • When they bite their lip…
  • You can both ‘wear the trouser’s’ and not make a guy feel emasculated.
  • A girl’s skin is always so soft.
  • Again, boobs.
  • And also, vaginas.
  • And just generally, girls are yummy.


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There are 3 different types of people in the world
“Happy Easter! Yay resurrection of Christ!”
“Ayyy 4/20 Let’s blaze all day!”
“Did you know it’s Hitlers birthday today…”

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